Watch BEFORE You Buy! 0-60 mph Suzuki Boulevard M109R Ride, Review, Impressions, Best Muscle Bike

all right buenos dias que tal amigos  John’s moto garage as always welcome  back to the channel today’s the day of  reckoning we’re taking the Suzuki  Boulevard m109 R and we’ll talk a little  bit about the bike is this the mother of  all muscle bikes is it really as gnarly  as they say it is who the heck would  want to mob one of these bikes don’t  worry we’ll talk about all of that and  more the boulevard and 109 R monster all  right let’s jump on it I’ll make yamaha r1 fairings   my  heart’s racing you guys every time I  throw a leg over this thing it’s a  little bit oh that’s cool haven’t even  gotten started and I’m already breaking  stuff came to GoPro not handle this  monster muscle bike before we jump into  it  a little bit of a zero to 60  whoo oh my gosh dude my heart’s racing  are you guys the boulevard m109 are why  the heck would anybody mob this  motorcycle we’re gonna talk a little bit  about that we’ll do the ride review  impressions on the bike over the goods  and the bads we’ll go over why this bike  might be the right bike for you as well  as why you may want to avoid this  motorcycle at all costs but let’s start  with the basics right so it’s a 109  cubic inch that’s about an 1800 CC  by speed liquid-cooled these are a shaft  drive  it falls into the category known as  performance cruiser and or muscle  cruiser which to many  would seem like an oxymoron and you  wouldn’t be totally wrong because you  would think
if you want a  performance-oriented bike then you just  go get a sport bike and that if you’d  want a cruiser you just go get a cruiser  so you would almost think like this is  the worst of both worlds in a sense  and this thing’s a freakin monster  but it doesn’t take long throwing a leg  over and taking this bike for a quick  spin to realize why somebody might be  stoked on this motorcycle alright so for  starters the teen is freaking massive  109 cubic inch engine 1800 CC one of the  large definitely on the larger side as  far as the motorcycle engines produced  especially at the time starting out in  oh six when they came out with this you  didn’t have a ton you had the Yamaha  gross our warrior 1700 the VTX 1800 of  course the triumph rocket the monster  rocket you had the Yamaha Raider and  2008 that came out  so the boulevard definitely groups in  with all those other performance  cruisers the v-rod the v-max  but it does stand out a little bit and I  think one of the reason why  r6 fairings  I stand out  is because it comes from the  line and I definitely think has some  inspiration from the Hayabusa  just with the lines on it  firstly I’ve never been a huge fan of  how the Hayabusa looks they aesthetics  and I’m not really a huge fan  on the bowl of our m109 are either a  little bubbly for my taste I feel like  it’s one of the bikes you that really  dig how it looks or you don’t  but you jump on and take it for a spin  that may convince you to look past the  hey aesthetics if you don’t dig it their  total toward monsters from idle up to  like 75 hundred rpms at redline in  freaking polls it’s not as sharp as the  torque and response that you get with a  sport bike obviously  it’s just here consistent seamless  torque throughout and that’s what makes  it a wicked fun bike to ride and for how  massive the bike is starting with the  240 rear tire to the tank to the engine  to the drag bars it’s just a real wide  earthy motorcycle however you jump on
and it’s actually it’s deceptively agile  and nimble for what for as big as  looking as a motorcycle as it is and a  lot of that is because most of the bulk  you see on it is actually a lot of  plastic it weighs in at around light  down Oh 757 660 pounds something crazy  like that so there’s still a heavy bike  by all means but I remember still going  going back to the first time I ever rode  one of these the first thing I remember  loading it up into my truck and I  stalled it the first time and was we get  scared just because of how torquey it is  I mean you see what I mean you barely  get on it  and it just pulls real hard so that’s  one of the things that makes this bike  wicked fun to write despite how on paper  overly overwhelming it may seem and how  big a bike it is a lot of people think  that this bike kind of puts itself out  of the market right there with like the  Yamaha Raider and the VTX 1800 and some  of those other options because it’s so  massive and honestly that I think it’s  true to an extent because your average  typical rider getting into it  this is not going to be the best bike  for you so appearance-wise like I said  I’m not a huge fan of it but I can see  why people would like how it looks
it’s definitely neat unique looking you  don’t see other bikes like this so it is  going to turn heads you are gonna have a  lot of people asking you questions about  it as far as comfort goes my big pet  peeve again it’s got forward controls  with your drag bars and aggressive  stance but it’s surprisingly comfortable  for cruising around it’s not super  aggressive you do lean over the bar over  the tank slightly I’m 5/8 so obviously  if you’re taller and have longer arms  that’s not gonna be as big of an issue  and one thing I was reading in one of  the reviews that people say about this  bike is it’s good for going in straight  lines and why might that be you might  ask well part of the reason is because  you got that massive 240 rear tire and  so it’s really not meant for going out  and carving canyons and doing all that  crazy stuff sorry I just got to get off  and take another look at this thing what  beautiful bike but with all the gobs of  torque like I said from idle up to  redline it is such a blast and I can see  going in straight lines why it’s so much  fun because you just get on it it’s like  a red light to red light bike where  you’re just ripping around having a  blast on it look at that thing  so again that big question why would  anybody mob this mic around being such a  big bike you don’t necessarily have the  comfort you have with your cruiser you  don’t have the performance that you have  with this war bike so where does this  bike fall into place and I’m a believer  there’s a place for every bike out there  and a person for every bike and I think  where Suzuki nailed it with this bike is  you get that custom look it’s a head  turner for sure you get that wow factor  with the appearance but then also the  write itself I think lends itself to  those who are transitioning from the  sportbikes not quite ready to get their  quote/unquote old man Cruiser and they  want something that still just gonna put  a big smile on their face and I think  that’s where the m109 arc  like I said really hits the mark because  because that’s what you got a  performance cruiser not quite as boring  as your typical cruiser you still get  the fun factor  please part of the fun factor you have  with your sport bikes this is not going  to be a bike for a touring and long  distance  you know obviously not built for that in  mind but this is the bike that  motorcycle fairings   you jump  on and just have a complete blast mob it  around so if your commute is 20 30  minutes you know 40 minutes and this is  the bike and you just dig the look and  want to have a complete blast then this  might get some art  all right so overall impressions of the  bike it’s a complete monster man it  really is it’s a fun bike to jump on  cuber Torquay and  you have a blast  in the dragstrip doing the straight runs  on it just getting on the gas it’s not  going to be as good for obviously hit  the canyons for  stuff before it’s big UPIKE as it is it  actually does pretty well even at slow  speeds parking lots all that kind of  thing some of the things I’m not a huge  fan of lots of plastic and with that it  just kind of gives it in my opinion  somewhat of a cheap bill you know kind  of a cheap feel to it  I think all that torque really makes up  for
it it’s not gonna be the best  flooring bike not the most comfortable  there but we’re cruising around town on  this thing is a monster man  some of the other dislikes like I said  just kind of attack and the speedo  placement here it really does not feel  all right let’s see if I can finally get  at zero to 60 I keep breathing keep  watching this  oh my god oh my gosh holy smokes this  thing is just ridiculous I’m not gonna  say how fast the bike ended up going I’m  just gonna spout out a number honey 2230  yeah this thing’s crazy  holy smokes so if that hasn’t answered  the question for you then just to recap  the reason this may be the bike for you  is if you happen to find yourself in  that niche where you’re looking for  something that’s still super powerful  and just a complete monster maybe you  want the biggest and the baddest looking  or maybe you just want something super  gnarly  maybe you’re getting out of sport bikes  and looking for something a little more  comfortable but you’re not quite ready  to retire to that you know Harley  Cruiser then this may very well be the  bike for you and like I said you like it  or you don’t like it as far as  appearance goes that’s it comes down to  personal preference but I don’t think  that you will be dissatisfied with the  overall experience as far as just how  freakin monstrous these motorcycles are  are you guys John’s moto garage I think  that’s gonna do it I think that wraps it  up as always if you dig the content  porfavor like subscribe and we will hit  you guys up on the next one those famous  audios