How to remove the fairing on BMW S1000RR 2016

so guys we were back late man last night a bit tired but and of course this to be ready for the track gauge that around the corner today we’re going to remove the rear fairing should be pretty easy for screws one two three and four plus I don’t know what kind of setup you have but the original license plate holder you have to remove these three screws underneath really really done yet remove the three screws and then we have to disconnect some wires that are going through here I’ll get back to you and I remove the screws so guys turned out that I’ve got brain damage you don’t need to disconnect these the only one you have to disconnect is a white one big one sit on the side.
these are new way of indicators so that’s why they didn’t recognize them just remove the big white connector on the right hand side and then you push it through this straining oh there you go license plate folder there’s some changes to this model on my 2011 I could just pull this up but there are some cables wedged in between the frame Authority so I’m guessing we have to remove these two screws one on each side ,BMW Fairings,I’ll do that to see if that helps so that did help I just removed this gap make it bigger and there’s your problem cables here are too thick so you can’t remove the whole piece without unscrewing those screws so you go this back frame of the bike.
but I noticed this battery is much smaller than the old one I guess it’s we’d say they your first connection just protective limit guys next you’re gonna take off the side panels should be pretty easy one to treatments down here the whole site panel will come off exactly the same thing on the other side doesn’t look that pretty but hopefully it will protect me and just put a transparent film on top of the frame because I’m changing back and forwards from streets learning to do race learning I don’t want to break so I’m going to move the treats groups .
thank you the screws are released on both sides,motorcycle fairings, I think it’s better to remove the top cover as well and remove the top cover you have of course two screws on each side and then the center screw there hold of this and lift it up on the side panels will come up straight up do this be careful with that there you go so guys this is a bit tricky see you have a hole here and then you have a knob there you have to yank it up first and then you have a lip here let’s lie there so yank it out from the back end then slide it forward and it will come on say me show you let me show you that was one hand on the other side yank it out slide forward it’s off so it’s completely naked of course the front fairness there there I have to remove that that’s pretty simple so I won’t do the video on that just remove the two screws on both sides and it will come off here today you see you human injections on air there is just underneath here can’t see it really but there’s the open to the air filter and the tank of course your ABS module well that’s it she’s beautiful even naked.