Honda Grom Dirt Bike! Maxxis M6024 Tire Install And Fender Mod

what is going on you guys I hope you all  are having a great day so I’m gonna rush  right now have some plans for the ground  you already saw the title let’s get it  done    feels great  I will explain all of this in a second    well this is sketchy alright guys sorry  for the rush there is literally not  enough time in the day so I know a while  back I talked about wanting to turn my  Grom into a dual sport and I don’t want  to say that my mind’s changed but I do  want to do something a little bit  different so I’m still gonna do a few  dual sport oriented mods but I’m also  gonna use it as a stunt bike so I’m not  gonna go over the top with the dual  sport stuff but as you guys know I love  to go off-roading so we did it guys we  picked up some Max’s tires the local  power sports dealer only had front ones  in stock so I got a brand new front with  a slightly used rear huge shout-out to  Shannon Wilson go ahead and give him a  follow so I didn’t want to change these  myself because my wheels are still in  perfect condition and I don’t really  have the right tools to do it I do all  my dirt bike tires myself but that’s a  little bit different I usually don’t  care about the wheels on those so my  buddy Tyler’s dad knows somebody that  has a tire shop in Delaware so I’m  headed there right now got an hour till  close so hopefully you can get it done  so we can go riding tonight but I’m on  my way to pick up Kylie right now so  I’ll check back in with you when we get  there what’s happening good    oh you would not believe  2007 gsxr 600 fairings  it their wheel  chuck did not fit the ground wheels  they’re too small so he’s gonna have to  make something custom in order to do it  I really don’t want to go to a  dealership because they charge a  ridiculous amount of money to do it I  would rather support a local shop and  get it done so we’ll see what happens I  might have to spoon them I don’t want to  tear up my wheels but we’ll see the next  – well you guys we’ve made it back home  from the stealer ship got the wheels  with me I’m so happy with the way they  look like I said my buddy Shannon hooked  it up with this tire as you can see it’s  pretty worn down so I might as well  start with two new ones and I’ll  probably give us back to
them but here  they are would you just take a look at  that they look so good got the gold rim  stripes still on there from decal dino  guys I’ve been wanting to run these  since I got my crumb I finally have them  on there and I couldn’t be any happier  check out the meat on that whoo here  they are side-by-side this is the rear  one obviously quite a bit wider these  are pretty well worn down compared to  the new ones so I’m happy with that the  Grom is still standing surprisingly but  I’m gonna go get a Lexus right now and  we’re gonna try to put these back on the  bike all right guys so time for the not  so fun part I’m gonna be completely  honest but I’m gonna start with the  front first just so I can show you my  bike is probably gonna fall in the  process this will be interesting  you just want to make sure that your  brake pads are separated so you can get  the disc in you can just stick a  flathead in there and kind of work I’m  open go ahead and put your spacers in  you don’t want to forget those I was  curious to see how these nabis would fit  underneath this fender so we will see  boom got the front end you definitely  want a better stand than this guys this  is what I call the rednecks special also  definitely make sure that these are  torque to spec the front is 40  foot-pounds in the rear is 44  you know me most of the time I don’t  worry about torque but this is  definitely one of those that I always  make sure is torque to spec now the back  is definitely a lot more tasking than  the front  you have to get the disk on and  ninja 300 fairings    the  spacer on the caliper as well as fitting  this drum inside of the wheel perfectly  so it’s definitely a lot more involving  but you can get it done make sure you  have your spacers in and ready  beforehand all right so you’re gonna  want to start by putting your axle in  your chain adjuster go ahead and pick up  the wheel all right  chain adjuster fell out definitely get  your axle started going through the left  side as soon as you can it kind of helps  take the weight off of everything but  after that if you don’t want to put your  caliper on whoa and now here’s where you  want to tighten your chain and get your  wheel into alignment and after doing  this a few times you’re definitely gonna  want some aftermarket chain adjusters  I’m gonna go ahead and tighten that lock  nut down torque to spec you ever pick up  a ground whoa we have knobbies    so as you guys know I’ve been doing a  lot of off-roading lately on the ground  and we’ve been doing some pretty serious  stuff    and I know a few of you guys noticed but  some of you didn’t you guys thought I  was still running the street tires but I  wanted to be sure to do a good review of  these tires for any of you out there  that are interested I also just did one  last minute modification and I think you  guys are gonna like it        dude that looks dope with no fun girl  you see how much stuff’s caked in there  oh my god I know it’s like 10 pounds  yeah  but do you see the black marks where it  was like burning out against the fender  the neck very that is crazy so now I was  thinking one last thing it’s gonna be  pretty redneck but it might work the  problem with doing this is the water  literally will just like shoot up like  straight into your face so I think I got  some little dirtbike plastics like    outside the ground man  you could just runs it tight right here  oh heck you’re out on that around this  dude that looks bad what you doing there  oh you know just some custom  modifications here I’m going with the  factory Kawasaki fender on the ground  it’s actually the rear fender I’ll take  a hex 100 faceting by zip ties only oh  come on you all have faith in zip ties  zip ties are  2008 zx6r fairings   the best now that just  stuff you do zip ties are
the best  invention I make sure we put some of my  backpack this side looks a little loose  right here it is Kawasaki Grom check  that out man you got some Kawasaki vibes  going on here don’t be alarmed but these  tires will fit with the stock fender but  the problem comes when you start to get  in some thick mud and go through some  clay that fender will actually clog up  with mud if you guys remember one of my  videos way back when I got stuck at a  construction site and I almost had to  call somebody to pick me up because my  fender got clogged oh I’m gonna regret  this oh crap  Oh guys we just got stuck oh look at  that mud my front tire has so much mud  in it that it’s not spinning I’m getting  worried here yes oh one of the guys on  the Morgantown trip wasn’t running a  Fender at all and it was just shooting  water and mud like straight up into his  face so I didn’t want to do that but I  also wanted to take it off so we can  really have some fun today so I had an  old KX 100 rear fender sitting around  and I just mounted it up and motorcycle fairings   it actually  looks pretty good guys I think in the  future I’m actually gonna trim this down  and see if I can get it to fit up in  here to give it a nicer cleaner look  Plasti Dip it black or something and I  mean he could buy a supermoto fender for  these but I just thought it was  hilarious and it actually fits fairly  well and it’s gonna do the job just fine  but so far you guys I am loving them on  my last off-road ride this is what I was  running no I was not running the street  tires that kind of riding would  literally be impossible on the street  tires so finally got the nobbies on  they’re headed into town right now to  meet up with a scooter crew we’re gonna  see what we can get into should be a  good day I’ll take you along with me  enjoy the ride  Oh oh my gosh  oh my god  dude this is definitely a trail that was  definitely a gunshot oh that was harsh  that’s no good  [Applause]